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Under the rapid changes in the international situation and environment in recent years, the cutting-edge technology industry has become the focus of development in many countries around the world. The electronics and information communication industries based on semiconductor technology are the foundation for future technological breakthroughs and sustainable development of civilization. With the input of a large number of domestic science and technology professionals, the semiconductor industry is constantly booming in Taiwan. The semiconductor industry has become one of the most important economic pillars of Taiwan, which leads the world's most advanced semiconductor technology and becomes the world's high-end chip manufacturer. In order to continuously promote the development of semiconductor industry technology, CoSR combines domestic and international academic research institutions and enterprises to jointly cultivate high-level semiconductor technology talents.


Features of Curriculum

  • Interdisciplinary Integration: The semiconductor technology is grouped into four departments. CoSR closely reviewed the syllabus of all semiconductor-related courses from other colleges such as Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Computer Science, Material Science and Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Power Mechanical Engineering, and added new components to integrate them into a strongly organized curriculum.
  • Modularized Courses: CoSR has further modularized courses into the four departments of semiconductors. With the cooperation of business partners, we jointly provide academic basic courses, practical enterprise courses, and multifaceted integration courses in each module. 
  • Microcredit Courses: CoSR also provide a host of diversified microcredit courses (between 0.5 and 3 credits) conducted by industrial experts. CoSR students will not only gain advanced technological knowledge but also strengthen their connection with the current industry so that they will be able to carry out more in-depth practice and industry-university program research.
  • Corporate Internship Program: Students are recommended to participate in corporate internships or short-term exchange programs in academic research institutions. Students can either cooperate with domestic and/or international semiconductor companies recommended by their advisors, or participate in the short-term research exchange program at international sister schools subsidized by the college.  
  • Master Lectures: CoSR will invite renowned experts in the field of science and technology, to serve as industrial professors to bring in the world’s most advanced knowledge and valuable experience in semiconductor technology.
  • Leadership: CoSR aims to cultivate leadership for students to possess deep domain knowledge in a specific semiconductor field, inter-disciplinary collaboration skills, and innovative capability to create breakthroughs.


Education for Talents

  • Joint research advising between faculties and invited industrial experts
  • Multi-disciplinary learning across fields
  • Attending industry-university program research
  • Short to medium term of industrial research internships
  • Short to medium term of a research exchange program at international sister schools
  • Research grants and students’ scholarships