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Scholarship and Grants


Annoucement: we are now launching "CoSR 2024 Spring Scholarship and grant", do not hesitate to have a look! 


Scholarship and Grants

Scholarship and grants for international students of the College of Semiconductor Research.


Scholarship and Grants in total

(Per month)




NTD 8,000 to NTD 12,000

(or above)




NTD 15,000 

(in the minimum)


*The above-mentioned scholarship doesn't include funding from an advisor professor.


1.     Scholarship and Grants Duration:

a.     For a Master’s degree student is up to two years of scholarship and grant during the time allocated for his/her course of study.   

b.     For a Ph.D. degree student is up to four years of scholarship and grant during the time allocated for his/her course of study.

2.     The recipients of the scholarships and grants must pay tuition and miscellaneous fees after enrollment. CoSR also provides the waiver of tuition fees and credit fees based on the following rules:

Full or partial tuition and credit fees of the first two semesters may be waived depending on the student’s academic performance approved by the college yearly (excluding safety insurance fees, health insurance fees, accommodation fees, accommodation deposits, and internet usage fees). Students may also apply for the tuition and credit fees waiver based on their academic performance in the third and following semesters.

3.     The scholarships and grants are approved for 12 months. Its continuation is subject to academic performance in subsequent months. Students who fail in any courses are not allowed to receive scholarships and grants until their grades for the next semester reach the standard, and then the scholarships and grants will be resumed. Scholarships and grants will be issued as usual during the winter and summer vacations.

4.     Students are required to submit the consent letter from their advisors before receiving the scholarships and grants. Scholarships and grants of the first two months will be issued within three months after enrollment. The rest of them will be issued before the end of the subsequent months.

5.     In case there is a replacement of the advisor, and the new advisor is not a faculty of the CoSR, the scholarships and grants will be canceled from the month that the change occurs.

6.     Students who apply for a suspension of studies will stop receiving scholarships and grants starting from the month that the suspension becomes effective.

7.     Students who go abroad as exchange students, joint/dual degree program students, or short-term researchers will temporarily suspend receiving the scholarships and grants and will resume receiving them after returning to the school. The amount to be paid is based on the performance of the last semester before going abroad.

8.     Students who transfer to another school, department or program, withdraw from the NTHU, violate the NTHU regulations, or have serious circumstances after the deliberation of the Academic Committee of the college, are not allowed to receive the scholarships and grants, and the full amount of them shall be repaid to the college.

9.     The amount of the scholarships and grants may be adjusted or suspended depending on funding and financial situation.